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Eheim AIR500 oro kompresorius tvenkiniui 1000 l/val

Sufficient oxygen is important for the biological processes that support both fish and plants in the garden pond. The AIR pond aerator provides the essential oxygen supply for your pond and it's inhabitants as well as ensuring better filtration results due to improved water circulation.  The additional oxygen supply also aids in the bacterial degradation of harmful substances - creating a healthy pond environment. 

  • Super silent
  • Energy efficient
  • Optimum oxygen supply for fish and plants
  • With UV resistant, sturdy housing and robust pump technology
  • Easy handling

Efficient, energy-saving, durable!

  • Maximum flow rate: 1000 l/h;
  • Maximum delivery head: 2,8 m;
  • Pressure: 280 mbar;
  • Dimensions w x d x h: 176 x 118 x 103 mm;
  • Cable length: 3 m;
  • Power: 8.5 W;
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