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Fauna Marin
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Fauna Marin RED X is a special formula that prevents algae growth in the aquarium.

Red X safely treats unwanted algae in a biological / organic way and is very gentle to aquarium inhabitants.

When used correctly at the intended dosage, RED X is 100% safe to use and harmless to corals, fish, and invertebrates.

RED X is effective against:

Green and red cyanobacteria, Mild dinoflagellate infestation (Ostreopsis sp., Amphidinium sp., Prorocentrum sp., Coolia sp., Symbiodinium and others), Gold and armor algae diatoms

During treatment period, DO NOT do water changes. Do not use any carbon, PO4 removers, Adsorbers, Ozone or UV.

After 11 days, you may resume normal aquarium care.

After Red X treatment, we recommend dosing Fauna Marin REBIOTIC to repair and maintain a healthy biological balance in the aquarium. By adding Rebiotic, you can effectively prevent unwanted coverings from coming back.

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