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Dupla Marin Worm X Bristle Worm Trap

How the Worm X Bristle Worm Trap Works:

Open One Side of the Bristle Worm Trap Add some food (krill, mysis, or a little clam flesh) to the middle part of the bristle worm trap and put the trap back together. Place the Worm X Bristle Worm Trap in a spot where you could previously observe bristle worms. Bristleworms are nocturnal. The Worm X bristle-worm trap should therefore be used in the evening and removed in the morning. Avoid touching bristle worms, as their bristles can cause painful injuries.

Product information "Dupla Worm X (bristle worm trap)" There is virtually no saltwater aquarium without bristle worms. They usually live in hiding and often only appear at night or during feeding. If one recognizes feeding places at the corals or flower animals, an infestation of bristle worms is not to be excluded. At the latest then, one should arm oneself with a torch and search once at night with it the aquarium. If you quickly discover some of these pests, you should remove them from the aquarium if possible before you can do more damage. It is often not possible to catch individual animals with tweezers, as the bristle worms often divide and a new bristle worm can develop from each part. It is essential to avoid catching bristle worms by hand, as the small "bristles" can cause unpleasant skin irritations for days. A simple and reliable way to catch bristle worms is with a bristle worm trap. With the help of the Dupla Worm X bristle worm trap bristle worms can be caught reliably and can then be easily removed from the aquarium.

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