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Special salt for the supply of calcium in seawater aquaria especially for the balling light system.

The balling light method is the uncomplicated complete supply of the aquarium

with calcium, magnesium, carbonate hardness and trace elements

The FAUNA MARIN Balling Light System is a complete

system, which can be used in conjunction with all common filter systems.

With the Balling-Light method you add exactly the substances that are missing in the aquarium.

The advantages:

  • suitable for every filter system (Zeomethoden, Berliner System etc.);
  • consumption-oriented and individual dosing with the Aquacalculator ( effectively prevents the dreaded Old Tank Syndrome especially high-consumption basins can be easily adapted and can be supplied.
  • simple operation and safe to use;
  • Cost-effective supply through effective concentrates and high-purity special salts;
  • stable calcium, magnesium, carbonate values for healthy and colourful corals


Please note the HTU for the Balling Light System at

For the Balling Light method for the basic supply of your saltwater aquarium 3 canisters are used.

CALCIUM-MIX is only mixed in canister 1!


Dissolve 2 kg of Balling Light CALCIUM-MIX in 3 litres of osmosis water,

then add TRACE supplements: 25 ml Balling Light TRACE 1 +

25 ml Balling Light TRACE 2, then fill up to 5 liter with osmosis water.

Dosage of the working solution is approx. 10 ml/100 liters + 11 mg/liter (0,26

We recommend a calcium value of 380 – 420 mg/l.

The exact dosage quantities cannot be given in a generally valid way, because every aquarium is individual. Please calculate your exact consumption with the AquaCalculator and then dose the calculated quantities exactly fitting your aquarium.

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