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Aqua Medic Antiphos Fe is an ideal medium for selectively extracting phosphate from aquarium water, thus counteracting unwanted algal growth.

Antiphos Fe is a highly active iron based product containing no aluminium and is completely non toxic to aquarium plants and animals. Phosphate is irreversibly bound to the antiphos Fe and is removed from the aquarium when the antiphos Fe is renewed. It is particularly effective in controlling Phosphate in coral reef aquariums and can reduce the phosphate concentration to very low levels for a considerable time.

The coarse particle size of antiphos Fe enables high water flow rates, so fluidised filter beds are not required. The binding capacity of antiphos Fe is ca. 10g phosphate/kg.

Subject to the conditions 500 ml of antiphos Fe will treat a normally populated 300l aquarium for ca. 3-6 months

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