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With phosphate stop the ATI water care-product line is complemented around another product which allows an easy way to a successful aquaristic to you. 

Phosphate is stop a high-power-phosphat-adsorber on ferric oxyde base. Phosphate is removed especially actually from the sea water, fresh water or pond water.

Once engaged phosphate cannot be extracted any more. No phosphate is also delivered to a longer state time of the filter material to the aquarium water. The phosphate is removed from the water cycle and is not available therefore to the algae any more or can have his damaging effect on the corals.

Phosphate is suitable stop optimally for the application in the reef aquarium, because it delivers no pollutants to the water. 

The element phosphorus and his connections is essential in the nature of enormous significance and for many processes of the life. A raised concentration of phosphorus can be injurious but then or be even toxic. Thus just little polypid stone corals often react with fabric resolutions to an increase of the phosphate concentration. 

In the natural sea water phosphate concentrations of 0,003-0,58 mg / l were described in the scientific literature. In our aquariums a limit value of 0.1 mg / l (optimally 0.01 - 0.1 mg / l) should not be crossed possibly. This low phosphate concentration allows a lasting stone coral growth and prevents at the same time an uncontrolled increase of undesirable algae. 

The most actual method phosphate from the water is to be removed the application of the high powered-phosphat-adsorbers phosphate stop. Because stop the engaged phosphate from the system is removed by the application of phosphate and delivers no injurious substances to the aquarium water, it owns determining advantages compared with other methods to remove phosphate from the water. 

The problem with the lime water method lies in the fact that though phosphate is precipitated, but remains as a depot in the decoration and the ground reason. It is removed not from the system, but can be available to algae furthermore as a nutrient. Also the application of a carbon spring, e.g., alcohol can be problematic. Besides, it can come to a raised bacterial density which can affect negatively the living beings of the aquarium.

Phosphate stop the sure and easy way the phosphate salary is to be held in the optimum area.

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