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Aqua Medic
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Aqua Medic Premium Line 190 RO filtras

For producing 75 – 190 litres (c. 23 – 66 gal) of purifi ed tap water per day The premium line reverse osmosis units are compact and versatile superior grade products.

They are supplied with two large (10") prefi lter housings and their activated carbon and 5μ sediment cartridges can easily be replaced. The membrane, the heart of the unit, is offered in 3 sizes: 190 l/day and 300 l/day as well as a double membrane of 600 l/day. The membrane housing includes a combined fl ushing valve and fl ow restrictor and the system can achieve a concentrate to permeate recovery ratio of 3 to 1 with a rejection rate of 95 – 98 %. The prefi lter housings and the membrane module are mounted onto a strong powder coated wall mounting bracket.

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