Aqua Medic Demineralizacijos Filtras

Gamintojas: Aqua Medic
Prekės kodas: AQM_240790
Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje

  • 38.00€

The Aqua Medic Demineralisation Filter is used to remove the last remaining pollutants using a special ion exchange resin, and is placed after the reverse osmosis unit. It reduces the growth of diatom, if silicate level of tab water is too high. The Aqua Medic Demineralisation filter is filled with Aqua Medic demineralisation ion resin. This ion resin can be changed if the capacity of the ion resin is reached. Suitable for all reverse osmosis units with 4/6 mm standard hose. Complete with fittings, ready to install.

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Aqua Medic, Demineralizacijos