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Please note all T5 Tubes in these pendants both 4, 6 and 8 tube versions and 24w, 39w, 54w and 80w versions are fully dimmable. There has been some confusion over this due to in the USA the T5’s in 80w versions are not dimmable. This due to they use 110v ballasts which are not available dimmable in 80w, we in the Germany use 240v ballasts which are dimmable

Hybrid technology combines the advantages of modern LED’s with proven ATI T5 technology and thus provides a very efficient lighting solution for coral

Superior light output of up to 1000 PAR at 30cm distance in 100% mode

Uniform distribution of light output in a wide area below the luminaire.

In this way, your aquarium will be illuminated uniformly , and you have excellent results in the growth of all hard and soft corals

Infinite colour possibilities with proven light colours using separately programmable 2nd Generation LED channels can generate an infinite number of colours.

Highly efficient electronics : 

An LED is only as efficient as the electronics (drivers) controlling the LED.

For this reason ATI use the highest quality power supplies with an efficiency of up to 94%. Also the control electronics have an efficiency of 96%

Outstanding T5 optics with silver reflectors

The use of silver reflectors can direct light with an efficiency of 98% with virtually no loss

This is very different to other optics such as lenses or aluminum reflectors whose efficiency is closer to 80-90%

Premium LED : ATI use only the very best Phillips LED’s in this pendant

Replaceable LED modules: LED technology will evolve in coming years and the interchangeable LED modules fitted to this pendant can be upgraded when new products are available

Easy Programming via PC software: Besides the built-in controller, you have the ability to create, with the help of the PC software, an infinate number of colour settings. Factory software upgrades will also be available to install via the PC Software as and when released

Unbeatable Performance

Combines the control and energy efficiency of LED lighting with the superior coral colour and light balance of T5 lighting. No more loss of coral colour and uneven growth produced by many LED only fixtures. Plus, the active cooling system allows lights to run at a more optimal temperature for improved output and tube life

Complete, 24-Hour Lighting Control

Produce realistic sunrise sunset effects, cloud sweeps and moon light simulations

Endless Color Control

Each 75W LED cluster features four independently-programmable LED color channels, each capable of 0-100% dimming in 225 separate stages

Stylish Design

The sleek, heavy-duty body is durable and rust-proof. All components, except for the LED power supply, are enclosed inside the fixture housing


Intuitive, computer-based control software makes adjusting your lighting simple

Plug & Play

With the integrated controller, there is nothing more to purchase

Excellent Build-Quality

Constructed of high-quality materials and assembled using modern production techniques

Quiet, Cool Operation

Runs cool and produces virtually no noise

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