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PENAC W is a substrate additive. It prevents the substrate from becoming anaerobic and improves the substrate environment. It also can be added directly in case of shortage oxygen in the tank.

Special Features PENAC W 

FOR AQUARIUM is the nutritive additive for aquarium specially treated by Plocher energy system of Penergetic International AG. It stabilizes the aquarium environment by promoting the oxygen solubility in the water and enhancing the activities of aerobic bacteria.

Applying this product at the initial setup of substrate enables to prevent the substrate from becoming anaerobic and maintain good substrate environment for a long period of time.


For substrate, sprinkle PENAC W FOR AQUARIUM evenly at the undermost layer of substrate. Then place substrate soils in order of POWER SAND, AQUASOIL, etc. on the top of it.

Recommended dosage: 

3 level spoons of PENAC W FOR AQUARIUM (approx. 6g) using the supplied spoon in the package for a standard 60cm tank, 9 level spoons (approx. 18g) for 90cm tank, and 12 level spoons (approx. 24g) for 120cm tank.

The substrate additives are designed to be sprinkled directly on the bottom of aquarium tank before spreading the base substrate. They keep the substrate environment in good condition.

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