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Saki-Hikari Color Enhancing as a daily diet for all championship grade koi or koi with championship potential who need some assistance developing their natural beauty and color.

A professional use daily diet for koi offering aggressive color enhancement without negatively impacting the shiroji.

  • A uniquely blended formulation offering a unique balance of proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids and fats to offer your koi their best chance at excellent form and championship-grade color.
  • Manufactured in our own facilities, to our exacting standards, to provide benefits not available with standard koi diets.
  • Offering vivid color enhancement of the Hiban (red areas) with no negative impact on the Shiroji (white areas).
  • Expect brilliant luster and consistent growth without the potential for internal fat-deposit buildup as a result of the carefully selected ingredient mix.
  • Saki-Hikari® is most effective when used without interruption as an exclusive daily diet. The benefits of the Hikari-Germ™ do not continue once feeding is discontinued. Intermittent feeding or use with other foods mixed in will not provide the optimal benefits.
  • For best results use Saki-Hikari® Color Enhancing when your water temperatures are consistently above 18°C (64°F). Remember the more active your koi are the more nutrition they require and lower water temperatures always dictate less feeding. Nobody knows your koi better than you do, use the following as a guide. Always avoid over-feeding and never leave uneaten food in your pond after the feeding period.
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