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Grotech Corall A, B, C, Vitamino M trace element solution for soft, leather and hard corals.

Corall A, B and C contains all necessary combinations and elements for corals, without adding artificial colouring and preservatives.

Already after the first dosings, an increased opening of the coral polyps can be observed.

Natural colouring and increased growth can be noticed clearly after a few weeks.

  • Corall A contains Strontium, Magnesium, Lithium
  • Corall B contains Magnesium, Iron, Chrome, Mangan, Nickel, Kobalt, Copper…
  • Corall C contains Fluor, Iodine, Bor, Molybdenum
  • VitAmino M Consisting of 11 Vitamines and 20 Amino acids.


10 ml per week on 100 l aquarium water.

The quantity refers to a well-populated coral basin.

Please do not mix Corall A, B and C in a measuring cup, but put same separately into the aquarium.

Sometimes a reduced colour intensity of hard corals will show up after first colour success.

Due to experience, this means an overdosing. Should this effect appear, we recommend to reduce the dosing to 30 % of the last used quantity.

As soon as the colours come back, the dosing should be increased level by level until the optimum quantity for your aquarium has been found.

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