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Aqua Medic REEF LIFE Kalkwasserpowder for enhanced calcium supply during water top up.

The addition of Kalkwasser has several positive effects on the water in a reef aquarium. The calcium level increases, the phosphate concentration is reduced by precipitation and the pH value increases. The growth of hair algae is decreased and the development of calcareous algaes is encouraged.

Application/Dosage Aqua Medic REEF LIFE Kalkwasserpowder:

Please pay attention to the operation manuals when used for Kalkwasser stirrers and reactors. When added manually, take one spoonful per 5 litres tap or osmosis water and shake well. Leave the milky solution for a while and only put the clear solution into the water drop by drop. The pH value in the aquarium is raised due to the high pH value of the Kalkwasser. Therefore, only add slowly and do not overdose.

Ingredients: Calcium hydroxide Ca(OH2)

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