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Aqua Medic Armatus XS All-in-One micro aquarium with cabinet filter (8 Liter)

The Armatus XS comes equipped with LED lighting and a pump. The LED lighting can be individually adjusted with 2 light channels (white and blue) including dimming. The integrated feed pump also serves as a current pump and ensures sufficient water circulation. A built-in drain duct ensures reliable surface skimming.

The sophisticated water flow ensures low-noise operation. Filter sponges, which can be placed in the base cabinet, ensure good water quality.

The overall look is based on our successful concept of the Armatus series.

The Armatus XS is suitable for salt and fresh water.

  • Dimensions aquarium (mm) l x w x h app.: 265 x 170 x 150;
  • Volume aquarium (l) app: 4;
  • Water level (mm) app.: 110;
  • Dimensions cabinet (mm) l x w x h app.: 255 x 160 x 160;
  • Total volume (l) app.: 8;
  • Dimensions incl. cabinet (mm) l x w x h app.: 265 x 170 x 300;
  • Dead weight without lighting (g) app.: 900;
  • Pump power l/h (USB 5 V) app.: 250;
  • LED lighting (USB 5 V) max.: 10 W.

Included in delivery:

Armatus XS with cabinet filter

LED lighting (USB, 5 V) max. 10 watts (incl. USB connection cable)

Pump (USB connection, 5 V) 250 l/h

Filter sponges



A 5 V, min. 2.4 A USB power pack is required for the lighting (not included in delivery)

A 5 V, min. 1 A USB power pack is required for the pump (not included in delivery)

Not suitable for fish.

Aquarium light with more than 40% of the total radiation in the range 400 – 480 nm for the coral-zooxanthellae symbiosis and plant growth, not suitable for other applications.

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