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Carib Sea
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CaribSea ARM coarse užpildas calcium reactor media of pure aragonite

  • enriched with essential trace elements;
  • designed for immediate use;
  • high solubility - CO2 consumption significantly reduced.

Different types of calcium reactors have been designed over time, which require media of different sizes. The coarse substrate ARM Coarse was designed for the widely used calcium reactors with a strong upward flow. ARM Extra Coarse is even coarser than ARM Coarse.

If a reactor media is too fine, it can easily clog. This results in a loss of effectivity. CaribSea ARM is specially developed as a coarse reactor media and prevents clogging. It is therefore much less expensive to use than finer media.

The calcium reactor media of CaribSea is designed for immediate use and prior rinsing is not necessary. The aragonite is so pure that it meets laboratory standards.

CaribSea ARM has approximately 50 times the amount of strontium (7,390 ppm) compared to other products. With a metastability of 8.2 CaribSea ARM has the highest solubility of all calcium reactor media, therefore the consumption of CO2 is significantly reduced compared to other products.

Calcium: 416.000 ppm

Carbonate: 577.000 ppm

Strontium: 3.300 ppm

Strontium: 1.400 ppm

Potassium: 56 ppm

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