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Aqua Medic
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Aqua Medic Ocean Queen 300 išputintojas skimmer akvariumams iki 3000l


  • extremely quiet and smooth operation thanks to the “ULTRA SILENT” pump with housing decoupling;
  • simple and convenient setting using App-control;
  • alternative setting option using the controller supplied with the feed stop button and 0-10 V connection;
  • power-saving 24 V pump;
  • high air entry, optimum bubble size and shape due to the new optimized Power Wheel;
  • innovative Foam Rails ensure precise bubble guidance in the skimmer housing;
  • directional foam formation by Bubble Booster in the base plate;
  • foam development can be controlled electronically and manually;
  • noise reduction due to adjustable water outlet on the bottom of the housing;
  • overpressure protection in the foam cup by Cup Control;
  • incl. effective silencer;
  • compact design allows for use in small areas;
  • can be completely dismantled for easy cleaning;
  • optimal filter sump adjustment by the variable pump position.

 For aquaria up to 3.000 l 

 Total consumption (watts) app. 58

 Pump DC Runner

 Air power  (l/h) max. 2.900 

 Total height (mm) app. 590

 Height foam cup (mm) app. 620

 Required space (mm) app. 400 x 300

 Optimum water level in the filter sump (cm) app. 19 – 23

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