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The EHEIM Jäger Aquarium Heater has a temperature adjustment scale ranging from 18°C to 34°C. The thermostat is designed to permit external resetting of the temperature. A control light shows whether the unit is warming up under thermostatic control or has been turned off by it. The EHEIM Jäger Aquarium Adjustable Heater is made of tough special glass (SCHOTT Duran laboratory glass) and suitable for both fresh and sea water. Therefore, it is free from pollutants, which could seep into the water. It is resistant to chemical and biological substances. It does not have any fissures and hair cracks, which condensation water can penetrate. And it is shatter-proof i.e. resistant to cold water shock, which can occur during maintenance or sudden water level changes. The heater can be fully immersed. The power supply cable with Europlug is 170 cm long. An inbuilt safety device prevents the unit being damaged by running dry as well as preventing the glass tube bursting. A dual-suction-pad holder for securing the unit to the glass tank wall is included.

Technical data EHEIM Jäger Aquarium Heater:

  • Power 220-240 V 
  • Temperature range from 18°C to 34°C adjustable
  • readjustable +/- 2 °C
  • Control accuracy: +/- 0,5°C
  • Running dry protection
  • Diameter: 36 mm
  • Height: 452 mm
  • Housing made from special glass (SCHOTT DURAN Laboratory glass)
  • for use in fresh and salt water aquaria
  • Cable length: 170 cm
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