Eheim Professionel 3 - XLT 1200

Gamintojas: Eheim
Prekės kodas: EHM263
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new adaptor:
3 hose connectors (2 suction side, 1 pressure side) for great water circulation in a large aquarium
Priming aid:
integrated priming aid to start the filter easily and hygienically
Large prefilter:
for simple and quick short term cleaning giving extra long intervals between full cleaning
Handling features:
carrying lugs, castors, 4 strong clips, multifunctional adaptor, flow indicator, adjustable throughflow, prefilter transport basket
Accessories included:
2 suction pipes, 1 spray bar, outflow nozzle, EHEIM quality hose, installation equipment, prefilter basket
Integrated heating elemet:The heating element made from stanless steel integrated in the pump head heates the water in the aqaurium without using a conventional heater. A large LCD display shows the exact temperature of the aquarium water. This thermo filter is suitable for use in both freshwater only.

Technical data EHEIM professionel 3 2180:

  • pump output: 1700 l/h
  • aquarium size up to: 1200 litres
  • delivery head: 2,8 m
  • power consumption: 25 W
  • canister volume: 25 l
  • filter volume: 12,5 litres + 1 liter (Prefilter)
  • integrated heating system with 500 Watt, for use in fresh and marine water
  • dimensions (height x width x depth): 567 x 330 x 330 mm
  • hose connection suction side: 2x 16/22
  • hose connection pressure side: 16/22

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Eheim Professionel 3 - XLT 1200