Eheim ECCO pro 200, external filter with media

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With the handle the filter can also be opened or closed easily with a flick of the wrist - at the same time it is safely locked in place. The EHEIM ecco pro 200 is supplied complete with filter material and is immediately ready for operation. Practical filter media containers, safety hose connections and shut-off taps make operation and maintenance child`s play. Thanks to the coordinated reationship between pump performance and volume, the EHEIM ecco pro 200 filter ensures reliable long-term cleaning with a permanent circulation and simultaneous oxygen enrichment of the aquarium water - a guarantee for ideal water cleaning and a successful aquarium hobby. The filter comes complete with mechanical, biological and adsorptive filter media filling. The filter flow rate can be adjusted to requirement.

Technical data EHEIM ecco pro 200:
- product type: 2034020
- for aquariua from 100 up to 200 litres
- Power consumption: 230 V/ 50 Hz 5 W
- Pump output: 600 l/h
- Pump head: 1,4 m
- Filter volume 2.0 l + 0.3 l (prefilter)
- Canister volume: 4.0 l
- Dimesnions: 205x355 mm ( diameter x height)

The filter comes complete and ready-to use with filterpad, filterfleece, carbone filter pad and ist filled with EHEIM SUBSTRATpro and EHEIM MECH pro as filter media. Hoses, pipes and accessories are also included.

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Eheim ECCO pro 200, external filter with media