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EHEIM eXperience 250 is a comfortable external filter for aquariums from approx. 120 up to 250 liters content. With its predecessor, the professional, EHEIM started the first external filter series with a square basic shape. Advantages: Space saving (because the filter fits in corners), high stability and high filter volume.

Additionally offers this solid filter specific benefits: eg a complete hose adapter unit with integrated shut-off valves, individually removable filter basket with retractable handles, very low power consumption, quiet operation, particularly through ceramic components, and more. The EHEIM External Filter eXperience 250, you get fully equipped - including accessories and filter media. You can start immediately.

Technical data EHEIM External Filter eXperience 250:

  • Modell: 242402
  • for aquariums from 120 l up to 250 l
  • Pump output approx. 700 l/h
  • Delivery head approx. 1.5 m wat.col.
  • Filter volume: 3.0 l
  • canister volume: 6.0 l
  • Power consumption 230 V/50 Hz, 8 watts
  • Dimensions (height x length x width) 340 x 178 x 178 mm
  • for fresh and sea water suitable
  • Hose size: suction and pressure side: 12/16 mm
  • complete with filter media and ready to use

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