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Oliver Knott Nature Soil substratas augalams; 10l

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The black NatureSoil by Oliver Knott is a pure natural product from different soils, which are mixed and processed into soil granules.

These granules are fired at low temperatures to give better stability in the water. Oliver Knott has had this pre-fertilised soil specially designed for plant aquaristics and aquascaping. NatureSoil already provides all the necessary nutrients for the plants. They get everything they need for lush growth, healthy development, and intense and beautiful leaf colours. With the aquarium equipment, you can do without soil fertilisers and other additives.

NatureSoil is a great aquarium bed for beginners in plant aquaristics as well as advanced. The black soil lowers the water hardness and the pH value. This benefits not only aquarium plants that are well-established - which in their majority react very well to soft and slightly acidic waters - but also ornamental fish, dwarf shrimps and other aquarium inhabitants, who feel well at a pH below 7 and a low KH (carbonate hardness).

The stable soil granules do not decompose underwater and remain stable in the aquarium even after a long time. NatureSoil provides clear aquarium water and absorbs foreign substances. The soil does not compact and therefore the plant roots are always provided with sufficient nutrients and oxygen from the water - not only the plant roots but also the beneficial filter bacteria are supported, which ensure a stable aquarium biology. NatureSoil shows its strengths especially in combination with a floor filter or floor washer.

The coarser black soil has a grain size of 4-5 mm and is perfect for large aquariums. Foreground plants often have fine roots, they find better support when you supplement the normal Soil with a fine topcoat with NatureSoil by Oliver Knott in the grain 2-3 mm.

Oliver Knotts NatureSoil can also be used as a filter medium - even in the filter, it is plant-friendly and animal-friendly.

What amount of NatureSoil do you need for your aquarium?

  • 60 cm: 10 litres
  • 80 cm: 15 litres
  • 100 cm: 25 litres
  • 120 cm: 30 litres

Please note: Fish that dig in the ground can cause permanent turbidity in the soil by constantly collecting particles. So you should avoid using NatureSoil by Oliver Knott in an aquarium with armoured catfishes, roaring L-catfish and perches.

Please do not wash the NatureSoil before filling it in your aquarium. Hard tap water can cause the pH and water hardness when changing the water. In an aquarium with shrimp this can lead to problems. Be sure to use customised water, such as demineralized water or osmosis water, and a special prawn salt for shrimp that produces soft aquarium water, such as SaltyShrimp Bee Shrimp Mineral GH +. Your plants and fish in the aquarium are less affected by such fluctuations.

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