Reef Angel Plus Analog Controller

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What is the difference between the PWM and Analog Dimming Signal you can find - here.

Package contents

  • Head Unit (256K memory)
  • Relay Box
  • HDDB15 Communication Cable
  • PH Probe
  • Waterproof Temperature Probe
  • 2x Float Switch
  • 2x Float Switch Connectors
  • USB-TTL converter cable
  • USB Power Cable




  • 256K memory
  • Color LCD screen
  • Thumb joystick for easy menu navigation
  • 8 Controllable outlets
  • 2 Digital inputs
  • 1 pH input
  • 2 Digital/PWM or 2 Analog dimming outputs
  • 3 Temperature probe ports
  • Easily configurable to all common functions:
    • Auto Top Off
    • Heater
    • Fan/Chiller
    • Light schedule
    • PWM dimming for sunrise and sunset effect
    • Feeding/Water change mode




• Salinity Expansion Module
• Dimming Expansion Module (This Dimming expansion module allows you to expand your system with 6 more dimming channels.)
• RF Expansion Module (The RF Expansion Module allows control of the Ecotech Vortech pumps with ES wireless drivers.)
• Rope Leak Detection Expansion
• Relay Expansion Module (Up to 8 relay expansion modules can be connected simultaneously, for a total of 72 individually controlled sockets.)
• Wi-fi Attachment
• Jebao, Tunze, Kessil, Par connections
• Dimmable lunar hub (2x Blue 3-LED dimmable moonlight modules. You can use as many as 20 moonlight modules.)
• Power control Expansion (The Power Control expansion module allows you to control 12VDC devices)
• Water level expansion (Pressure sensitive sensor (No mechanical sensors or moving parts))
• ORP Expansion Module
• PH Expansion Module
• I/O Expansion module (The I/O expansion module allows you to expand your system with 6 more I/O channels.) - Whether you want to connect more float switches, buttons, floos sensors, flow meters or simple switches, this module will give you just the input ports you need.
• Expansion Hub (The expansion hub allows for up to 10 expansion modules to be connected to your system.)


What is waterchange mode ?

With the touch of a button you can tell your controller that you want to do a water change. In response it will shutdown all equipment that may be effected by the water change. Eg: Return pump, heaters, skimmers, flow pumps, reactors ect ect.

What is feeding mode ?

By simply clicking feed mode you can inform your controller that you are about to feed your fish. The controller will then shut down any equipment that may effect feeding. Eg flow pumps, skimmer or even the return pump. You can then walk away knowing that your inhabitants have the best possible chance at getting a good meal without it being blown away or skimmed out. After a predefined amount of time, the controller will automatically switch all of it back on.

What is OVERHEAT mode ?

With over heat mode, you set a desired max temp that sends your aquarium into a emergency mode. In this overheat emergency mode the controller will automatically shut down any equipment that may be adding heat to the aquarium avoiding a tank crash when you are not home. Eg: MAx temp set to 30 degrees. The controller shuts down your lights and heaters while leaving all fans/ chlillers, return pump and skimmer running thus minimizing the damage by as much as possible.... This feature alone makes the controller worth it's wait in gold.

What is the use in using delay timers ?

You can use delay timers to control when your skimmer switches on. All in sump skimmers are dependent on the water level of your sump. When the power goes off when you are not at home your sumps water level increases. When the power returns your skimmer switches on dumping all the nasties it collected over the last week back into your tank. When using a RA controller, the controller will tell your skimmer to only switch on after a couple of minutes when the sump water level has stabilized thus avoiding the over flow of the skimmer cup.

What wavemakers can be controlled by Reef Angel ?

The reef angel controller can control any pumps, even non controllable pumps to help create gyre by switching one pump on and the others off. The more formal method of control used by reef angel is through expansion modules and attachment cables. The controller can create random patterns of flow by alternating/adjusting the speed or intensity of flow creating flow that replicates the natural reef environment our aquarium inhabitants come from.

When using non-controllable pumps, it should be noted that turning the pumps on and off too frequently can pose a fire hazard.

How does temprature control work when using the controller ?

You can control the temperature in the aquarium to keep it as stable and reliable as possible. Your Reef Angel controller can control when your heater goes on and when it should go off allot more reliably and accurately than any heater. From there, the controller can tell the cooling devices (fans,chiller) when to switch on and when to switch off. With good equipment attached to your Reef Angel controller you could control your temperature within 0.1 degrees Celsius if you wanted too. The unit comes standard with one temp probe and can accommodate a maximum of 3. When using 3 temp probes you can control the temp in you display, measure the temp in your sump and measure the room temp the aquarium is situated in.

Why should you monitor or control PH ?

Your Reef Angel controller can tell you what your water's current PH is. This can be useful because once you get more experienced and get to know your tank PH can tell you allot about things like KH.... You KH levels are in a direct relationship with magnesium and calcium. Spotting a unusual PH in time could be the first indication you notice when those level go out of whack.... Eg: Faulty doser, over consumption Ect.... Then you can control PH. This is usually done inside a calcium reactor, basically the more Co2 you inject the lower your PH becomes. The Reef Angel controller can exploit the relationship between PH and Co2 and thus control the amount of Co2 added to the calcium reactor.

What is time scheduling ?

The RA controller can tell any piece of equipment when to switch on and when to switch off according to a time schedule. Eg: Non controllable lights can be switched on/off. Non controllable flow pumps can be switched off at night.

Can the Reef Angel controller control dosing pumps ?

The controller can control non-programmable dosing pumps according to any schedule. It can be set to 1 sec per dose every XXX minutes. With some programming easily available on the reef angel forum it can be set to dose to the milli second.

What equipment can be controlled by the Reef Angel Aquarium controller ?

Any equipment that is plugged into the relay box can be controlled by the Reef Angel controller.

How many relay ports can be controlled by the controller out of the box ?

The controller comes with 8 relay ports out of the box. Further ports can be added via the Relay box expansion module.

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Reef Angel Plus Analog Controller