Eheim 2252 PowerLine vidinis filtras

Gamintojas: Eheim
Prekės kodas: EHM2252
Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
UPC: 1095

  • 96.48€

Trumpos charakteristikos
Akvariumo tūris iki 200 l
Galingumas 28 W
Visos charakteristikos

With EHEIM PowerLine you have a lot of power and a large number of possible applications.

PowerLine is the just the right filter, if you want to achieve strong water  circulation and enrich the water with oxygen. Using the correct outflow  nozzles you can determine the water movement. And you can regulate the oxygen supply with the diffusor.

PowerLine has a modular construction. Thus you can easily adjust and  extend the filter volume. In order to clean or change the filter media you simply remove the individual modules. 

There are 2 modules: both come completely equipped and ready to go.

Benefits of the EHEIM PowerLine

  • Powerful internal filter for aquariums from 100 l. as well as for larger aquariums over 200 litres
  • Especially suitable for oxygen enrichment (adjustable diffusor included) 
  • Adapter for connecting EHEIM InstallationsSETs 2 (Link / Pop-up …)
  • Modular construction – for variable filter volume, use with different filter media and simple, careful cleaning 
  • Complete with filter media and ready to use


Akvariumo tūris iki 200 l
Galingumas 28 W
Filtro tūris 0.7 l
Pompos našumas 1200 l/val
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Eheim 2252 PowerLine