ZEOspur Macroelement Concentrate 250 ml

Gamintojas: Korallen-zucht
Prekės kodas: KRZ957
Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
UPC: 957

  • 33.90€

Dosing: 5 ml je 100L/25gallons / week

Contains a.o. Lithium, Vanadium, Palladium, Boron, Selenium, Yttrium, Ruthenium, Lanthanum, Cesium, Samarium, Cerium, tin.
Based on our practical experience with keeping corals with extreme coloration. 
Supports growth as well as color formation. Does not contain the “standard” elements but rather elements missing from synthetic salt mixes. Recommended in any tank system.

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ZEOspur Macroelement Concentrate 250 ml