ZEOspur 2 Concentrate 250 ml

Gamintojas: Korallen-zucht
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Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
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It is highly concentrated it is important not to chance dosing recommendation on the label: 1 ml /100 L/25 gallons each 8-10 days.

The result can be seen 24 h after dosing and reaches the highest level after 48 h.

With this trace element solution it is possible to influence the amount of zooxanthellae in the coral tissue. The coral itself has more energy for growth because the reduced zooxanthellae density requires less energy. 
- Controlled reduction of zooxanthellae density for Acropora, Anacropora or Montipora. 
- The reduction of zooxanthellae in the outer layers brings out the colors from deeper layers. 
- To maintain color of highly colored corals. – Recommended in any tank system.

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ZEOspur 2 Concentrate 250 ml