Wi-fi Attachment

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-Wireless 802.11 b/g network compatible
-Powered by Wifly GSX module
-Supports Adhoc and infrastructure networking
-Secure WiFi authentication WEP-128, WPA-PSK (TKIP), WPA2-PSK
-Built-in networking applications DHCP, UDP, DNS, ARP, ICMP
-Configuration over UART or wireless interfaces using simple ASCII commands
-Over the air firmware upgrade (FTP)
-On-board ceramic chip antenna

Reef Angel Wi-Fi T's & C's


The Reef Angel Wi-Fi attachment allows you to monitor and control your reef anywhere anytime. To monitor your Reef remotely you will need to use a static IP address, software to maintain a constant IP address or a DNS remote access service such as DynDns or no-ip . 


Port forwarding


Before making your purchase please make sure your router will allow you to forward traffic to port 2000. Please be aware some internet service providers block remote access to your network. We have noticed this issue with many mobile internet service providers who offer LTE or 3G services. Please confirm with your service provider whether they will cater for port forwarding and that they allow remote access. Some ISP's block port forwarding all together, while others require you to file an application to activate such services. 


Port forwarding settings are located in your router settings. You can access these settings by entering your IP address into your browser. Click here to view your IP address


Mobile Apps


Please be aware that due to the open source nature of a Reef Angel controller most mobile apps are developed by 3rd party users and are not directly affiliated with Reef Angel. Therefore we will not be able to guarantee the quality of your experience when using mobile apps. When using mobile apps please be aware that updating your device with new software may affect the app. Please confirm with the mobile app developer before updating your software to a newer version, updating your device software without contacting the app developer may render apps unusable or buggy.


Online Portal

The Reef Angel controller was designed to be used with the Reef Angel online portal found here. We recommend using this online portal for all on the go monitoring or controlling of your Reef Angel Aquarium controller. 

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Wi-fi Attachment