Weipro Ozone ET-200 ozonatorius

Gamintojas: Weipro
Prekės kodas: WPRET50
Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
UPC: 981

  • 59.00€

1. Make ozone from the normal air for the pond and tank Ozonizer
2. Providing clear and healthy water for your fish,reducing the microbial load of the water.
3. Highly reducing the nitract,ammonia and pollutants in the water
4. Improving the oxygen content of oxidation-reduction protential in the water.
5. Electric controlling the ozone output
6. Connnect with the skimmer and air pump using
7. Suitable for fresh water and salt water

Ozono kiekis: 50-200 mg/h

Galingumas: 6W

Rekom.akvariumo tūris: 500-2000L

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Weipro Ozone