Tunze Wavebox extension (6215.500)

Gamintojas: Tunze
Prekės kodas: TNZ6215500
Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
UPC: 342

  • 402.57€

In case of aquariums with volumes of over 1,500 litres (400 US gal.), a Wavebox Extension 6215.50 should be added to the existing Wavebox. The Wavebox extension contains the Wavebox 6215, however without Wavecontroller. The combination of Wavebox and Wavebox Extension is suitable for aquariums up to about 3,000 litres (about 800 USgal.). Each additional extension (three maximum) increases the volume recommended by about 1,500 litres (about 400 US gal.). The Waveboxes can be placed beside each other or opposite each other, and a Wavebox Extension 6215.50 can be connected to Wavebox 6215 without any additional accessories. A Y adapter 7092.34 is required only for two or three Wavebox extensions.

The Wavebox extension is also suitable for operation with Multicontroller 7096.

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Tunze Wavebox extension (6215.500)