Tunze Riverpack 605

Gamintojas: Tunze
Prekės kodas: TNZ919
Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
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It is ready-to-mount with magnet holder and storage container finding enough space in almost every aquarium. It consists of a mechanical quick-run filter fitted with Turbelle® e-jet 1605, Osmolator 3155, Bio-Hydro-Reactor 3179 and a fill of Granovit. Comline Riverpack 605 ensures direct removal of pollution from the aquarium water through an efficient quick-run filter, complemented with biological oxidation and reduction to permit a breakdown of nitrate, enabling stable and perfect water values.

FILTRATION: Comline Filter 3166 combines bottom and surface suction with modern cartridge technology. The filter cartridge can be washed, but the system also comes with five spare cartridges.
BIO HYDRO REACTOR: Part of the purified water is diverted from the quick-run filter and is irrigated over the two-zone Bio-Hydro-Reactor 3179 with a fill of Granovit. Thus nitrogenous waste, such as ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, are processed without any special effort. Used as a hydroponics reactor, it also relieves the aquarium water, which is especially important when keeping Cichlidae, for example.
WATER CIRCULATION: Turbelle® e-jet 1605 with 1,600l/h (422.7 USgal./h) integrated in the filter.
WATER LEVEL CONTROL: Osmolator 3155 integrated in the filter plus Storage Tank 5002.25 with a volume of 27 litres (7.1 USgal.).
HOLDING DEVICE: Magnet Holder 6200.50 up to a glass thickness of 15mm (1/2"). 
POWER CONSUMPTION: Only 12W per hour, 230V/50Hz (115V/60Hz). 
DELIVERY CONDITION: Completely ready for mounting with holding device, storage tank and filter cartridges. Dimensions: L225 x W135 x H300mm (L8.8 x W5.3 x H11.8 in.).


Filter change in less than a minute


Surface suction


Bottom suction


Water circulation by Turbelle® e-jet 1605


Integrated to reactor


Including Osmolator with optical sensor


Including storage container and metering pump


Includes Magnet Holder

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Tunze Riverpack 605