Salifert I2 Profi Jodo vandens testas

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Salifert I2 Jodo akvariumo vandens testas

Salifert Iodine Test Kit. Iodine is always present in natural sea water, and is a vital trace element for many sea creatures, it defends against diseases, detoxes the water, and provides a level of UV protection. This expert Iodine Test Kit from Salifert is ideal to accurately test for the levels within your aquarium. Iodine is naturally consumed by marine life, so must be measured and replenished as required. Weekly testing will highlight any problems and allow you to dose accordingly. Salifert have designed this test to test for iodine and iodate, whereas other manufacturers just test for one or the other. To restore levels use Salifert Natural Iodine, to guard against parasites, UV radiation and de-toxes the water. This efficient kit contains 40 tests, so is a great, cost effective addition to your fish keeping kit.

Why is testing Iodine important?

  • Regular testing is important to keep an eye on all parameters in the aquarium. As well as regular tank maintenance such as removing uneaten foods after a few minutes. Keeping filters properly cleaned and performing regular water changes. Keeping an eye on phosphate will add in the following.
  • The continued health of aquatic life.
  • Reduction of stress on aquatic life.
  • Calcification of corals.
  • Aids in Skeletal Growth.
Kiekis: ~ 40 testų

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