Red Dragon 5 Eco 25W / 4,0m³ cirkuliacinė pompa

Gamintojas: Royal Exclusiv
Prekės kodas: ROE850
Prieinamumas: Išparduota

  • 400.00€

Technical data  Red Dragon® 5 ECO pump 25 Watt 4,0 m³:

25 Watt/h  2,5 mtr. pressure height

Speed adjustable Brushless DC pump

Watt-, Power consumption and Revolution per minute (rpm) - Display

Adjustable in 2-watt-steps from 2W up to 25W

Intake side 32 mm (1") - pressure side 25 mm (0.75")

Operating voltage: 100-240 Volt 50-60 Hz (24V Technology)

Protection class pump: IP 68  control unit: IP 66  

Weight pump without controller: 1,0 kg

Height of intake side: center 60 mm

Dimension pump: 100 mm wide / 170 mm length / ~ 155 mm height

Dimension control unit: 30 mm wide / 95 mm length / ~ 105 mm height

  • Saltwater resistant M5 grade 2 titanium screws
  • Saltwater resistant parabolic rubber feet for acoustic decoupling
  • Extreme low noise brushless DC-delivery pump with external power electronics
  • High efficient technology, Sine Wave for very quiet running
  • Inlet and Outlet complete with DIN connection, compact dimensions
  • Easy usage and maintenance, low risk of calcification
  • Heavy and massive craftsmanship against vibrations and oscillation
  • CE conformity, developed and built
  • quality power supply from "Mean Well"
  • high quality touchscreen display with a lot extra functions
  • (protection against dry-running, over heating, over voltage, blocking etc.)
  • 10V connection/controlling with 3.5mm TS-connector (phone jack)

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Red Dragon