Preis Aquaristik Easy Glue Purple klijai koralams, 200g

Gamintojas: Preis Aquaristik
Prekės kodas: PRA161
Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
UPC: 161

  • 17.38€

PREIS Easy Glue Purple:
-now in the coloure purple, therefore no difference to the coloure of coraline algae
-Fast hardening
-Simple to shape
-Allows growth of tissue and red calciferous algae

Mix the Plus and Minus material in equal parts in the required quantity. Knead the Easy Glue Pruple for about 30-60 seconds to form an even unicoloured mass. Now you can affix the coral pieces with Easy Glue. It dries completely within about 2 minutes.

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Preis Aquaristik Easy Glue