Nature's Ocean Bio-Activ Live Aragonite Reef Sand 9 kg

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Essential trace elements provided by Bio-Activ Live Aragonite: zinc sulphate, calcium chloride, manganese chloride, cobalt chloride, copper sulphate, sodium molybdate, strontium chloride, nickel chloride, potassium bromide, sodium silicate.

Premium marine substrate, straight from the ocean to you. No waiting, just add fish.

  • Contains more than 10 million heterotrophic bacteria per pound
  • Prevents bio-fouling
  • Contains live marine autotrophic bacteria to provide a proper inorganic balance
  • Contains live chemolithotrophic bacteria

Beneficial characteristics of aragonite:

  • Reduces harmful nitrate
  • Provides enhanced buffering capacity
  • Provides essential inorganic elements such as strontium, cobalt, zinc, and molybdenum
  • Digger friendly
  • Reduces algae growth
  • Instant ammonia cycling
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Nature's Ocean Bio-Activ Live Aragonite Reef Sand 9 kg