Jebao DCP-6500 cirkuliacinė vandens pompa; 6500 l/val

Gamintojas: Jebao
Prekės kodas: JBO_DCP6500
Prieinamumas: Išparduota

  • 94.00€

New DCP Series Jebao DCP-6500 Improved reliability and super silent sine wave technology. New higher performance with up-to 65% more energy savings VS previous models.

  • Pump will power off if it runs dry
  • Pump will power off if rotor is jammed


  • For use with Saltwater and Freshwater
  • Wear-resistant ceramic shaft
  • 10 minute feed mode
  • Internal use only.

Size: 196 x104 x 163mm

Adjustable Flow Rate of apporx. 4200 to 6500 l/h

Max Head: 4.5M

Power: 50W

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