Jebao SOW-20 srovės bangomušos pompa; 20000l/val

Gamintojas: Jebao
Prekės kodas: JBO_SOW20
Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje

  • 108.00€

Jebao SOW-20 flow pump with sine wave technology. Absolute smoothness and extremely economical in power consumption.

Do you want to create a healthy environment for your fish? Aquariums are really artificial homes for our fish. These confined spaces without freely running water often house an extremely high number of fish per liter of water in comparison to the fish’s natural habitat. By providing a healthy flow you can make your filtration more efficient, which will help you maintain conditions in which your fish can survive and flourish. Your fish produce a range of waste products, which will lead to a decline in water quality and fish health. The Jebao SOW-20 Wave Pump will enhance your filtration system by making sure that your full system is being filtered. The SOW range, with the easy to use controller, will give you full control of the amount of flow and will bring a realistic wave like motion to your aquarium. Equipped with the latest technology, the SOW range has been designed with the main controller board inside the wireless controller.  This means less change of damage and failure of the wave maker.  The power supply of the SOW range uses a sine wave technology, which give it smoother operation and longer durability.

  • 1700-20000L/H
  • Control by Digital Controller
  • 240V/50Hz
  • Suitable for Fresh and Marine Water

The rare earth magnet, will keep the wavemaker securely attached to the glass and with the shock absorption plate it will make sure the vibration is reduced to an un-noticable level.

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