Gamintojas: Jebao
Prekės kodas: JBO982
Prieinamumas: Išparduota
UPC: 982

  • 94.00€


  • High performance motor with innovation electronics, and energy savig up to 50% than before.
  • IC Electronic Dection, automatic power-off proteion upon no water
  • Motor Protection if rotor is blocked
  • Super Quiet Operation
  • Can operatin in Marine and Fresh Water
  • No Copper components , safety on your tank!
  • With Wear-resistant Ceramic Shaft, longer operation life
  • 10 Mins Feed Model(Or Pause to resume to normal)
  • Internel Use Only! DC Pump do not suppose for External Use

Base on some of the customer query on the silent on the Pump. We need to mention any pump operation over 6000Litres have a sound on it. And different customer behaviours have different acceptable. Some think DC Pump is silent,some think it have a sound.(Example Pipe connection with plastic tube, vibration between the Glass and bottom, too thickness of the sump glass. Customer behaviours sound is not cover ont the warranty scheme 


Model Size (L X W X H) Adjustable Flow Rate Max Height Hose Connector Watt
DC4000 14  x 9 x11 cm 2837L to 4000L 2.7M

1 Hose for 8/12/16

Cover Include

DC24V 25W


How to Install the Lifetime and prevent Vibration of the Jebao DC Pump

It's our suggestion using some Bio Filter add on the DC Pump, can reduce prevent any Stone or sand into impeller. The Bio filter is solve can reduce the sound of the vibration between Jebao DC Pump with Glass.

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