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The characteristic is the practical filtering mediums, which are inserted as folding special fleeces in cassette form and thus one doubly large filter surface to offer. With few handles the EHEIM Liberty is attached and ready for use at the aquarium tank. The filter have a variably adjustable priming pipe. The flow behavior in the aquarium is adjusted with this. Silent inlet of the cleaned water through water slides. Thus optimum water circulation is achieved together with the variable priming pipe. The pump output of the EHEIM Liberty is adjusted via the red output control button.

technical Data EHEIM Liberty 130:

  • for aquariums up to approx. 150 litres contents
  • Pump output: 220 to 570 l/h
  • power consumption: 3 W
  • canister volume: 1.0 l
  • filter volume: 400 cm³
  • dimensions: 180x145x135 mm
  • incl filter cartridge, bio-filter cartridge and active carbon cartridge
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