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The ATI-ICP-OES gives you the ability to get a accurate picture of the water chemistry of your aquarium. It is the most comprehensive test on the market, and whilst proven very accurate, still being very affordable.

With our ARCOS II ICP-OES machine, we have chose an analyser of the highest in its class. It is characterised by its high precision and is used wherever high demands on element analysis are required. So it is not surprising that with the ARCOS II we can detect trace elements in concentrations to less than 1 µg/l (0.001mg/l).

This is a great way……of being totally aware and in control of what is happening with your aquariums water chemistry. With the help of our ICP-OES the daily challenges of meeting the needs of your reef aquarium inhabitants are now without any doubt completely possible. You are able to see the daily consumption of every essential major and minor element and able to dose accordingly to keep at the optimum levels. Also we are able to identify, using the analysis, sources of pollution that could be the cause of many problems and so can optimise your aquarium system to even better results, and detect potential problems to avoid them escalating.


Salinity and KH value

As all element readings are affected by salinity we give you a salinity reading, balanced accurate readings inline with your salinity to give you complete certainty on your results. With all the major and minor elements results you get a balanced reference value to your salinity, which leaves you in no doubt of your dosing regime.

Chloride | Sodium | Magnesium | Sulfur | Calcium | Potassium | Bromine | Strontium | Boron | Fluorine | Lithium | Silicon | Iodine | Barium | Molybdenum | Nickel | Manganese | Arsenic | Beryllium | Chrome | Cobalt | Iron | Copper | Selenium | Silver | Vanadium | Zinc | Tin | Nitrate no3 | Phosphorus | Phosphate | Aluminium | Antimony | Bismuth | Lanthanum | Lead | Cadmium | Thallium | Titanium | Tungsten | Mercury

43 Tests in total! 44 if you choose to test your RO water as well

Nitrate No3 and Flourine are measured by using an IC machine.

Your R.O. water will now be tested if you so wish as well as your Aquarium water, by simply filling the test tube marked R.O. with you’re R.O. sample preferably straight from the R.O. unit. (make sure to create another aquarium profile for R.O. so your R.O. water sample results can be uploaded as well)

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