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The Fauna Marin Reef ICP TOTAL Test gives a quick accurate and easy overview of over 90  water values in reef-aquariums.

From macroelements to trace elements and pollutants, you get a complete overview with corresponding dosage and action recommendations.

The Fauna Marin Reef ICP Test TOTAL  is a full and detailed laboratory test:

  • Extensive laboratory analysis for seawater and RO water
  • Fast, inexpensive and highly accurate
  • Easy sampling and shipping
  • Extremely fast laboratory analysis with real high performance emission     spectrometers (ICP-OES) and other professional Lab mashines.
  • Individual dosage and action recommendations
  • for all those who need a complete overview of their water values
  • over 90 parameters in seawater


Sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron, iodine, sulphur, phosphate, phosphorus, silicon, manganese, lithium, molybdenum, iron, bromine, chromium, cobalt, beryllium, vanadium, zinc, antimony, copper, barium, selenium, cadmium, tin, aluminium, titanium, nickel, lead, zirconium, silver, tungsten, lanthanum, arsenic, mercury.

Also  Salinity, Relationvalues, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphates, Fluorine, Alkalinity and many more would be detected.

A RO water test is also included in the Reef ICP TOTAL TEST SET.

After placing an order, you will receive your analysis kit for the water samples.

Register your Reef ICP Test in our Laboratory Software and send it back to your local Fauna Marin Partner or direct to Fauna Marin Germany.

After arrival in our lab we test your water within 24-48 hours and you can get your results and many more informations about the elements and the recommendations for your aquarium on our knowledgecenter.

The analysis package price includes the costs for the complete water analysis and its diagnosis by an aquarium analysis specialist in Germany as well as the sample set. Access to our laboratory software, the analysis data and the constantly growing knowledge database is free of charge!

Register here today! Your advantages:

  • Quality analysis especially for seawater and marine aquaculture
  • elaboration by experienced aquarists and scientists
  • Quality control via in-house coral propagation and interlaboratory tests with institutions and large aquariums
  • new LIMS software with unique knowledge database
  • detailed individual recommendations for action based on real seawater aquaristic experience
  • system-based dosage and action recommendations, own and third-party laboratory measured values are taken into account
  • ICP-LABOR-APP for easy dosing of the required elements
  • Extremely fast analysis due to large machinery and state-of-the-art analysis methods
  • Support from aquarium specialists with decades of experience
  • cheap and fast



Safety advice:

Keep out of reach of children!

Do not swallow! If the product has been swallowed Consult a doctor – Show the label to the doctor.

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