Grotech PlanktoMarine Live 20ml

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PlanktoMarine Live is a mixture from Nannochloropsis, Scenedesmus, Haematococcus, Phaeodactylum und Chlorella. 
PlanktoMarine Live feeds a wide range of organisms due to cell sizes ranging from 2 to 20 micrometers.
PlanktoMarine Live provides essential proteins, carbohydrates and lipids for soft and hard corals, tube worms, clams, live rock and filtrations. 
It is rich in the OMEGA-3 (EPA and DHA) which contribute to disease resistance.

Microalgae mixture:
from Nannochloropsis, Scenedesmus, Haematococcus, Phaeodactylum und Chlorella.

basic ingredients
+ 5% omega-3 / EPA / DM

Nutrition information g/100 g DM (dry matter)
Minerals 8-9
Protein 45-55
Carbohydrates 21-30
Fibre 15-23
Fats 8-13

Vitamins (selection) mg/100 g DM
Vitamin B12 from 0.08 to 0.180
Vitamin K 0.3 to 0.5
Vitamin E 8-11
Vitamin C 10-30

Carotenoids and chlorophyll mg/100 g DM
alpha - carotene 4-6
beta - carotene 17-21
Lutein 70-120
Chlorophyll from 2.3 to 4.3

Minerals and trace elements mg/100 g DM
Potassium 1000 - 2300
Magnesium 200-460
Calcium 250-600
Iron 40-190
Manganese 30-10
Zinc 5-15
Copper 1-3

Minerals and trace elements µg/100 g DM
Chrome 50-100
Selenium 2-10
Iodine undlt;60

Unsaturated fatty acids (selection) mg/100 g DM
Oleic acid 300 - 1300
Linoleic acid 150-800
alpha - linolenic acid 300 - 1700
gamma - linolenic acid 11-40

The amino acid includes all proteinogenic, including all essential Amino acids.

1. Add 1 to 2 drops per 100 liters (25 Gallons) every other evening, depending on the number of invertebrates in the aquarium.
2. Please drop directly into the current stream for a rapid distribution in the aquarium.
3. We recommend to start with 1 drop and increase the dosis due to the consumers in the aquarium.

Store in the refrigerator at 1 - 8°C.(34-46°F)

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Grotech PlanktoMarine Live 20ml