Giesemann TESZLA Multicolor LED-Modul

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LED technology made and manufactured in Germany

From its conception the TESZLA was designed to take everything we know and have learned about LED lighting technology and pack it into probably the most cost effective, attractive and modern looking LED lighting unit available to date. From its smooth sculpted contours to the depths of its considerable inner technology, the TESZLA stands proud as a leap forward in LED lighting design, function, and more importantly, reliability.

When developing our LED systems every tiny little detail was important to us. All the components including the housing, the thermo-elements and the electronics board – the heart of each TESZLA – was made by us in Germany. Fully automated board assembly and robot-controlled manufacture allow for competitive production whilst, at the same time, ensuring extremely high manufacturing quality and construction precision. Every TESZLA light is equipped with a micro-controller which monitors the internal operational temperature of the LED.

With regard to the optics, Giesemann avoided using additional lenses as this means that a lot of the light output is lost. TESZLA is therefore equipped with loss-free 120° lenses which ensure the aquarium receives all of the light emitted in a smooth and evenly distributed manner with no spotting or colour patching. Contrary to many other lighting systems with secondary lenses, the TESZLA offers no danger of corals being bleached by concentrated beams. GIESEMANN’S many years of experience come into play when developing this light and when defining the light distribution. Integrated mirrors reflect all light onto the surface to be illuminated and thus guarantee an exceptionally well distributed, perfect light field.

Once a redetermined temperature has been reached, an integrated fan is turned on. The speed of this fan is adjusted depending on the heat generation. This ensures that every light can always work under optimal conditions and will not be damaged due to overheating. To ensure maximum heat dispersion from the LED's to maintain optimum performance and reliability. our circuit boards use gold plated conductors to transfer heat rapidly away from the LED to the heavy duty heat sink and outer body. This feature combined with the cooling system ensures that every TESZLA will run at optimum performance with a high degree of long term reliability meaning that Giesemann are able to offer a full two year extended warranty (some conditions may apply).

Extensive warranty

As the TESZLA series is 100% made in Germany we are able to guarantee the highest performance and quality standards. At the same time we offer a simple replacement parts service so that your lighting does not become a disposable product. As with all GIESEMANN products, the TESZLA series has undergone extensive long-term testing. As the only TÜV certified company for aquarium illumination worldwide, we can therefore guarantee both the high standards and the safety of our products. That is why all our products come with up to 24 month guarantee (some conditions apply).

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Giesemann TESZLA Multicolor LED-Modul