Eheim 2271 Pro 4+ 250 išorinis filtras su užpildais

Gamintojas: Eheim
Prekės kodas: EHM2271
Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
UPC: 1075

  • 168.40€

Trumpos charakteristikos
Akvariumo tūris 120 - 250 l
Galingumas 12 W
Visos charakteristikos

The EHEIM professionel 4+ best external filter but now with an integrated ‘emergency’ button.

Advantages of the EHEIM professionel 4+ filter

  • Premium class external filters with all the advantages of the professionel 3 series
  • For aquariums from 120 lt to 250 lt
  • Additional control function (Xtender) to counteract blocked filter media and extend intervals between cleaning
  • Square canister for high stability and large filter volume
  • High flow capacity with low energy consumption
  • Flow rate adjustable
  • High performance ceramic axle guarantees quiet running and durability
  • Integrated self priming aid to initially prime the filter
  • Safety hose adapter can only be removed when the valves are closed
  • Top prefilter effectively traps large dirt particles and allows for longer service intervals. Simple to remove and easy to clean.
  • Individually filter baskets with „Easy Clean“ grid
  • Fully equipped with original EHEIM filter media and installation accessories.


Akvariumo tūris 120 - 250 l
Galingumas 12 W
Filtro tūris 3.5 l
Pompos našumas 950 l/val
Vandens kelimas 1.5 m
Filtravimo užpildai yra
Gabaritai 238 x 358 x 244 mm
Jungtis 16/22 mm
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Eheim 2271