Eheim Professionel 3 250T

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The large canister volume and the big prefilter in connection with the matched filter media stacking assure optimum water clarification and an efficient decomposition of pollutants. The EHEIM professionel 3 250T external thermo canister filter combines high output and large filter and canister volume with high reliability and the well-known EHEIM quiet running smoothness. The large prefilter, with easy access just under the pumphead, significantly extends the time between the cleaning intervals of the biological filter media.

These are the features of the EHEIM professionel 3 250T 2171:

  • integrated automatic self-priming for quick and easy filling of the filter canister
  • High quality friction free ceramic spindle and ceramic sleeve guarantee very quiet running smoothness
  • Easy to use safety hose adapter, only opens whenthe hose taps are closed
  • Flow rate adjustable
  • large safety clips for absolutely tight closure of the pumphead onto the canister
  • large volume, top of the canister prefilter for quick and easy cleaning of mechanical debris, without having to disturb the biomedia
  • Easy Clean: simple and safe cleaning of the filter media with the aid of the cleaning tray
  • Thermo filter with integrated heating element, the temperature can be set in the range of 18°C to 34°C
  • completely ready to start up

Technical data EHEIM professionel 3 250T - 2171-
- for aquaria from 120 up to approx. 250 l
- for fresh water suitable
- Pump output: 950 l/h
- delivery head: 1.5 m
- power consumption: 12 W
- heating element 210W, temperature range: 18°C - 34°C
- canister volume: 3.0 l + 0.5 l (prefilter)
- Dimensions (hight x width x depth): 398 x 238 x 244
- incl. all filter media (SUBSTRATpro, MECHpro, bioMECH)

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Eheim Professionel 3 250T