Eheim LOOP 10000 tvenkinio filtras

Gamintojas: Eheim
Prekės kodas: EHM5202020
Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje

  • 308.00€

Trumpos charakteristikos
Tvenkinio tūris be žuvies 10000 l
Tvenkinio tūris su žuvimi 5000 l
Visos charakteristikos

Filtras tvenkiniams Eheim LOOP 10000 su kruopščiai parinktais filtravimo užpildais.

Crystal-clear pond water and the best possible conditions for plant and animal life are assured in a natural way through the 4-step biomechanical process of the EHEIM LOOP pond filter system. Water is all-automatically pumped through several filter layers and the integrated UVC clarifier before flowing back into the pond free of algae and dirt particles. All components are perfectly coordinated with each other and are extremely low-maintenance: connect, start, enjoy!

  • ready-to-install complete set
  • integrated PLAY or FLOW energy saving pump
  • new spray arm for optimum distribution of pond water onto the filter media
  • includes original EHEIM filter media for EHEIM clear water guarantee

Charakteristikos filtro Eheim LOOP 10000:

  • Tvenkinio tūris be žuvies: 10000 l;
  • Tvenkinio tūris su žuvimi: 5000 l
  • Tvenkinio tūris su karpiais: 2600 l
  • Pompos galingumas: 55 W
  • UVC galingumas: 11 W
  • Pompos laido ilgis: 10 m
  • Maitinimo laido ilgis: 5 m
  • Gabaritai (IxPxA): 603x398x368 mm


Tvenkinio tūris be žuvies 10000 l
Tvenkinio tūris su žuvimi 5000 l
Tvenkinio tūris su karpiais 2600 l
Pompos galingumas 55 W
UVC galingumas 11 W
Maitinimo laido ilgis 5 m
Pompos laido ilgis 10 m
Gabaritai 603x398x368 mm
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Eheim LOOP