Eheim Air compressor 400l/h (3704)

Gamintojas: Eheim
Prekės kodas: EHM242
Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
UPC: 242

  • 29.80€

Power output is extremely quiet and is adjustable in all three models: once in the smallest model of the series, twice in the medium-sized and large air pump. Thus both air outlets can be adjusted separately in the larger models. 

All 3 models are supplied fully equipped. That means: Air hose and EHEIM outflow unit(s) included. The 200 l and 400 l models are delivered with 2 outflow units and the 100 l air pump comes with 1 outflow unit. 

The supplied EHEIM outflow unit is also adjustable. Thus the bubbling pattern can be easily adjusted to your taste and the requirements of your aquarium.

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Eheim Air compressor 400l/h (3704)