Eheim 2520800 užpildų rinkinys filtrui 2080, 2180

Gamintojas: Eheim
Prekės kodas: EHM2520800
Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
UPC: 643

  • 94.40€

Eheim užpildų rinkinys filtrams: Professionel 3 - 1200XL (2080) arba Professionel 3 - 1200XLT (2180)

4 litres EHEIM Mech mechanical filter material: 
Directly after the entry into the filter cycle, the water is swirled through the hollow ceramic material. Through this action, the coarse dirt particles are going down. The pre-filtered water treated in such a way then continues its route through the other filter layers. EHEIM Mech is easy to clean and can be used several times. 

8 litres SUBSTRATpro bio filter medium for best biological decomposition of toxins:
After the mechanical treatment of the water by EHEIM Mech, substrat pro offers perfect colonization conditions to the important purification bacteria through the high bulk density of the spherical shape (full utilization of the volume) and the perfect surface structure (maximum number of bacteria on each sphere). This combination provides the maximum number of purification bacteria which ensure clear, healthy water, stable water values and longer service life of the filter. substrat pro reduces the peak nitrite loads better, can be rinsed out and can be used several times. 

1 x Coarse blue filter pad Phenol free (toxic chemical normally found in other media), large pore sponge giving both mechanical and biological filtration, with even water flow-through. 

1 x Fine white filter pad Fine dirt particles are traped in the fine filter pad before water re-enters into the aquarium. 

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