Aqua Medic Easy Line 90 RO filtras

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Prekės kodas: AQM01111941
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daily capacity approx. 75-90 l
The Aqua Medic Easy Line reverse osmosis units are compact and powerful and fulfill the highest demands for water quality. A sediment filter retains all particles lager than 5 µm and a carbon filter protects the membrane by removing chlorine. The R.O. module consists of a membrane, membrane housing and a flow restrictor. The latest generation of TFC (Polyamide/Polysulfone) membranes is used in the Aqua Medic Easy Line osmosis unit to provide the highest quality treated water, providing a recovery ratio of approx. 3-4 concentrate: 1 permeate, and a rejection arte of 95 to 98%. The Easy Line 90 prodces 75-90 litres of purified tap water per day.
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Aqua Medic Easy Line