Deltec MCE300 Skimmer

Gamintojas: Deltec
Prekės kodas: DLT443
Prieinamumas: Išparduota
UPC: 443

  • 151.18€

Technical Data:
Can be hung on the outside of the aquarium or sump.
Draws its own water from the aquarium via the internal needlewheel pump.
130 litres of air/hr are produced at the venturi.

L 165mm W 175mm H 450mm (normal position).
H 620mm (allowing for removal of the cup).
Height above lip of aquarium - normal position 170mm.
Width of body only external to tank 100mm.
Pipes extend by 95mm from skimmer body. 

Normal Stocking 320 lts (70 UK gallons)
Heavy Stocking 225 lts (50 UK gallons)

Electrical Consumption:
Pump - Maxijet 1000 with Deltec Pinwheel - 9.5W for 230V version

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Deltec MCE300 Skimmer