Deltec KM 500 Kalkwasser Stirrer

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  • 278.04€

Technical Data

For US 110V specifications please visit our D-D USA section of the web site

  • KM500 Stirrer: Article No. 87008
  • Can be stood on the outside of the aquarium or sump.
  • Must gravity feed back into the water supply.
  • Feed with RO water from a reservoir or direct from the RO unit.
  • Use in conjunction with a top up system.
  • Supplied with 500ml tub of RowaKalk.
  • Makes up to 5lt - 1.3 USG of kalkwasser per hour.


  • L 150mm W 150mm H 480mm. 
  • L 6" W 6" H 19". 
  • 7.5V 3 watts consumption.


  • Suitable for aquariums up to 1500 lts - 350 UK gallons - 400 USG
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Deltec KM 500 Kalkwasser Stirrer