BioDegrader 250 ml

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A new approach to looking after your aquarium
A full, segmented range in which each product has been developed and manufactured with the same vision:
to simplify marine tropical fish keeping and open up the hobby to all.
Yes! Simplify, for tropical fish keeping is easy with Aquarium Systems.

Each of the products in the REEF Evolution range gives you and your aquarium a tangible benefit.

A unique identification system helps you to understand and identify the action of each product on your aquarium.
Range 1 covers the well-being of the biotope, the environment in which your fish live.
Range 2 fosters the well-being of the occupants of your aquarium, better growth, better nutrient absorption, etc.
Finally, Range 3 helps to reinforce or satisfy a parameter in your aquarium.

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BioDegrader 250 ml